Practice Areas

Monetary Claims

Our team has been involved in high-profile monetary claims, in all areas of commercial law, which were litigated both in Israel and abroad. Our firm cooperates with foreign law firms and therefore it gives our firm the opportunity to provide legal solutions to any legal case, intricate and complicated as it may be.

Corporate Law

Our law firm has a substantial experience in managing disputes concerning corporations of any kind, including contests for corporate control, derivative claims, minority oppression claims etc, in the commercial court, in the ordinary courts and in arbitrations.

Class Actions

Our firm has rich experience representing parties in class actions in the consumerism field and in other financial fields.

Claims based on Law of Bills

Our firm has an expertise in Law of Bills and in issues related to the Law of Bills directly and indirectly.

Administrative Law

Our firm deeply specializes in Administrative Law, including an ongoing representation of governmental entities and senior public servants regarding their positions.

Intellectual Property

The firm has great experience in representation of clients on matters related to intellectual property, including copyrights and trademarks issues.

Media and Telecommunications

The firm represents broadcasting entities and many other entities which are involved directly and indirectly in the Israeli media. The firm had litigated in legal contests in Israel and abroad in relation to broadcasting rights, rights of broadcasting entities, talent rights, artist’s rights, and more. The firm also represents some telecom entities before the governmental bodies dealing with the media market and also before the different regulatory authorities according to the matter.

The team of attorneys in Cassouto & Co. has a rich and extensive experience in a wide range of legal practices.
This rich and extensive experience is an outcome of the firm’s representation of hundreds of clients in hundreds of both domestic and world-wide cases and disputes, throughout many years.

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